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Can I see a Clinical Psychologist without a referral?

Yes, however, you will be unable to claim any Medicare rebate without a Mental Health Plan. Your consultation will be charged privately and you will be given a receipt so you can claim with your private health insurance if you wish to do so and if your health insurance covers for Psychology.

How is the Medicare Rebate processed?

The Medicare rebate can be claimed at the time of your appointment. You will need to bring a debit card linked to a saving or cheque account and we will process it for you on the day of your consultation. Alternatively you can claim it online through the My Gov account under claims.

Will my information be kept private & confidential?

Yes. Apart from writing back to your referring doctor, Psychologists are ethically bound to keep your information private and confidential. We do not provide your personal information, contact details and  details of your attendance at the practice without your consent.

Psychologists also have an ethical and legal obligation to protect you and others from harm and may be required to disclose information to third parties eg.: 

- Subpoena or information about a serious crime;

- If there is a risk of serious harm to you or other person, including a child.

Can I claim my rebate through Medicare and my private health at the same time?

No, you can't claim both simultaneously. You will have to claim with Medicare or your private health insurance.

How many sessions am I entitled for?

Medicare currently covers for 10 session per calendar year. You will need to bring a MHCP from your Dr (initial 6 sessions) and then you need to see your Dr for a review of the next 4 sessions.

You can still see your psychologist after completing the 10 sessions, however, they will be charged as a Private consultation (claimable with your private health fund if you have Psychology cover).

Do you do ADHD and Autism assessments?

No, we do not conduct assessments for ADHD and Autism.

Do you take court cases?

Please be aware that we do not undertake family court evaluations and do not provide reports in support of family court applications.

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