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Image by Cecilia Kusel

Jessica Prasopsang

Jessica completed her undergraduate Psychology degree at UWA and her Masters degree at Murdoch University in 2016.

She has previously worked in youth and adult non-government organisations and continues to work within health departments across both adult or older adult inpatient and community mental health services. She has experience working with a broad range of Psychological presentations, individually and in group therapy setting.

Jess enjoys working with anxiety, phobias, perfectionism, self-esteem, stress, emotion dysregulation, adjustment, relationship and attachment, early life adversities, trauma and sexual matters. She has special interest in sexual presentations and is due to complete her Postgraduate Diploma in Sexology at Curtin University in the coming months. 

Jess' approach is influenced by Schema Therapy, Dialect Behaviour Therapy and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. She understands that starting psychological therapy can feel overwhelming and anxiety provoking, particularly around vulnerable and unspoken matters.

She utilises a genuine, person-centered, non-judgmental and compassionate approach, intertwining humour and adapting treatment and style to each individual person to create a warm, safe and wherever possible, enjoying therapeutic space.

Outside of work, Jess finds joy in cuddling her two cats and creating through baking, cooking, arts and craft. She loves building Lego, playing boardgames, doing escape rooms and attempting DIY projects to recreate the different things she finds on Pinterest.

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