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Image by Werner Sevenster

Alex Hof

Alex completed her Bachelor's degree at the University of Western Australia in 1975 and her Masters in Clinical Psychology at Curtin University in 1994. 

She has over 40 years experience in the workforce and has worked in a variety of workplace settings, including the government and private sectors.

For over 15 years Alex managed the Employee Assistance Program at a large oil and gas company in Perth. The program supported the larger organisation in its handling of the psychological impact of accidents, emergencies, relocation of families, fly-in-fly-out issues, change and stress in the workplace, shift work and fatigue, and cultural shock for the employees on overseas assignments, as well as the management of the everyday life stressors. 

Alex has been working in private practice since 1994. Her work in the private practice now focuses on adults. She has particular interest and experience in the areas of anxiety disorders, workplace stress, depression, trauma, health issues, loss and bereavement and issues associated with being a carer for a partner or another family member.


She is available to provide workshops within workplaces/organisations, on topics including stress management, change in the workplace, peer support, and general information sessions on topics such as depression and anxiety.

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